Bill Brand's Masstransiscope

If you have ever taken the B or Q train into Manhattan it's impossible to miss Bill Brand's Masstransiscope. It moves fast, but if you look you will see this wonderful colorful animation. You will almost always notice someone, usually a tourist seeing it for the first time. The reactions are priceless. It is largely considered one of New York City's greatest public works. He designed and created the images in his Tribeca studio in 1980 where he restored the piece 33 years later. It is still there today, so hop on the train and see it for yourself! He is a multi-disciplinary artist whose films, public artwork, installations and works-on-paper have exhibited worldwide in museums, galleries microcinemas and on television. His 1980 Masstransiscope, an animated mural installed in the New York City subway, is in the MTA Arts and Design permanent collection.

Bill Brand’s artwork has been featured at Museum of Modern Art, Whitney Museum, Smithsonian American Art Museum, National Gallery of Art, Anthology Film Archive and Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art. He is represented by Galerie Arnaud Lefebvre, Paris. His films have been presented at major film festivals including the Berlin Film Festival, New Directors/ New Films Festival, Tribeca Film Festival and Rotterdam Film Festival.

Summer Freestyle

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Bill Miller

Bill Miller is a collage artist who has been using vintage linoleum flooring as his medium for almost 20 years, and currently lives in Pittsburgh PA. Linoleum was the ultimate interior medium, present in all aspects of 20th century life from Grandma’s kitchen to the corner drug store and neighborhood school. Miller’s innovative work is recognized for pictorial assemblages that rely only on the flooring’s found surface, with no added paint, to render his subjects. Miller’s images range from bucolic landscapes to surrealistic, fiercely political pieces that draw on iconic news and pop culture images that have informed society’s common memory. His unexpected use of familiar patterns taps into the medium's nostalgic qualities, imparting a sense of personal history and rediscovery within each piece.
Born 1962 in Cleveland, OH, Miller originally concentrated on painting and printmaking. He relocated to Pittsburgh where he was a founding member of the Industrial Arts Co-op, which sought a collective artistic response to the devastating impact of decaying industrial infrastructure on surrounding communities. Together they constructed immense sculptures inside abandoned industrial buildings from materials found on-site. While scavenging, Miller was drawn to scraps of vintage linoleum, and compulsively began collecting what was to become his new pallet and principle medium for almost 20 years.

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Cathy Tabbakh

Cathy Tabbakh is a French contemporary artist working in the UK. Her colourful work collides imaginary forms with existing landscapes through the use of architectural and botanical elements. She holds degrees in Fashion Textile and Fine Art and Art History and Archaeology - both in Lyon, France her native city. Cathy’s bathroom series and still-lifes show her desire to surround herself with gree spaces combined with her love for interior design. Since lockdown, she has been focusing on still lifes and the shadows they create, working on the simplicity of a composition based on light, introducing a link with time itself within the painted scene. Tabbakh mainly uses pots, vases, plants and surreal objects from her home - lockdown pushed her to simply look around and find inspiration in the everyday objects that can easily be forgotten. Recently, she introduced ceramics into her practice, reflecting the style of her still-lifes compositions whilst aslo making her own frames. She works with international art advisors and curators and exhibits regularly. Some highlights include several shows with Delphian Gallery since 2019, San Mei Gallery, The Every Woman Biennal, Maison Contemporain and more, mostly in the UK and Europe. In 2022, Cathy will also be showing for the first time in the USA, Australia and Belgium.

Most recently, the artist was commissioned by Soho House to produce two works to be included in their permanent collection and displayed in their brand new Paris location.



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Christian Nguyen

Christian Nguyen was born in Saigon, Vietnam, 1968 and soon after immigrated toNew York City. The recurring themes that are layered into his work are - the history of civilization particularly of ancient cultures, mythology, architecture and music.These are topics that he continues to explore and research because of his interest inthe origins of how we make art. His work explores these origins through abstractartworks, pairing the optical language to its essential color and form. Within thisabstract context, the viewer is allowed to bring their reflections and thoughts intothe experience of looking at the work.
Christian received the Masters of Fine Arts at The Graduate Program, HunterCollege in 2000 and his Bachelors in Fine Arts from The Cooper Union School of Artin 1990.

Mr. Nguyen has participated in the Maria Walsh Sharpe Space Program (2004) as wellas the World Views Residency Program (2000) at the World Trade Center. He hasreceived the Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant (2004) and the Emerging ArtistsFellowship Grant (2004) from Socrates Sculpture Park. He is currently working onpaintings, and informing his work with inspirations from traveling, architecture andhistory. He teaches First Year at Parsons, the NewSchool of Design and Foundationat Pratt University.


Summer Lounge
Restless Horizons
Structure and Space
New Dawn Fades 

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Clarence K.

A Berlin native, Clarence K. arrived in NYC after having lived in Tokyo, London, and Paris where he assisted the photographer Paolo Roversi. In addition to his fashion work, he has photographed celebrities and musicians for clients including Sony music, British Vogue, Surface, and Interview magazine. 


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