“DEFENDER” May 3rd - June 8th, 2024
by Isolina Minjeong and Keya Tama

Court Tree Collective proudly presents “Defender”, a duo exhibition by Isolina Minjeong and Keya Tama. These two young artists work by blending the old with the new and by infusing their cultural heritage into their creations. This new body of work breathes fresh life into traditional art forms. Their work is a vibrant reflection of their identity and experiences, enriching the viewer with diverse perspectives and narratives. The title “Defender” is for upholding traditions in a modern world. The exhibition features folklore history through ceramics, paintings, and tapestries. Combining traditional art forms, while incorporating elements of pop culture brings to light the protection of the past. Exacting the moment of when history becomes relevant in both the past and future.

Playing off each other’s strengths has unified the work as something special. Not only as two artists in pursuit of creating together, but in working in the present to bring a unique perspective on art history.

“Defender” is an exhibition of their collaborative language. Through tapestries, paintings, muralism, and ceramic sculptures, Keya and Isolina protect each other’s hearts. This is their first duo exhibition in New York.


Isolina Minjeong (b. 1997, Chicago, IL) lives and works inBrooklyn, NY. Isolina’s practice redefines pop culture through craft. Fueled by the ancient lineage of Korean and Peruvian stone carving, her ceramic figures interweave the past with manga imagery and lore. Shameless in scale and response, her surreal world juxtaposes history through honoring past and future makers.

Keya Tama (b. 1997, South Africa) is a South African artist based in New York. Inspired by pastel color palettes, patterns, and symbolism, Keya's practice contrasts ancient and contemporary iconographies with themes of family, community, mono-myths, and minimalism.

“Friends of Friends” group exhibition

Exhibition runs from March 30th - April 20th

The "Friends of Friends" contemporary art group exhibition at Court Tree Collective promises to be an exciting showcase of collaborative creativity and artistic camaraderie. Featuring works by a diverse group of artists connected through mutual friendships, this exhibition offers a glimpse into the interconnected nature of our gallery. From painting and sculpture to multimedia installations and performance art, visitors can expect a dynamic array of perspectives and styles throughout the month. As our gallery continues to be a hub for contemporary art, this exhibition celebrates the power of friendship and collaboration in shaping our cultural landscape.

Shantaye McMorrow
Jasper Stieve
Tone Tank
Chris Moore
Jaime Patino-Calvo
Jeanne Tremel
Truls Martensson
John Vitale
Nick Battis
Andrew Abbott
Fukuko Harrison
Jade Chan
Tony Starbuck
Rich Cali
Bill Brand
Jason Lustig and more……


“British Invasion”

February 10th – March 16th, 2024

Featuring: Theo Bardsley, Natalie Savage, Jonjo Elliot, David Horgan, Grace Tobin, Cathy Tabbakh and Jacob Harris (Atlantic Drift).

There have been quite a few reincarnations of the original British Invasion, the cultural phenomenon of the mid-1960s, when rock and pop music (as well as other cultural aspects) from the United Kingdom became popular in the United States. It is fair to say that its influence on pop culture has never ceased to exist. A few decades later, the late 1980s saw the “Young British Artists” movement take the artworld by storm. Artists involved, such as Damien Hirst and Sarah Lucas, became household names. However, the YBA movement was not as forthcoming in its origins and did not necessarily scream: “We are from the UK!” Whereas today, it seems that the young British artists are expressing themselves more organically with influences from their own roots. In addition, presently, with the advancement of global media and all things readily available at our fingertips, it is most difficult to create a cultural explosion. However, that is what makes the UK art sphere so important right now. It is a moment where all things seem to be in the pocket of what it means to be a British artist.

Musicians have a saying about drummers and bass players being “in the pocket”. It is given as a compliment because it means that they are so skilled and smooth that the rhythm they create seems as if it has always been there. We believe this is happening currently in the UK art scene. There is something nostalgic in its contemporary work, something tangible and, most importantly, something British. For us, this group of artists is doing just that. This exhibit, British Invasion, features Theo Bardsley, Natalie Savage, Jonjo Elliot, David Horgan, Grace Tobin, Cathy Tabbakh, and Jacob Haris.

The artists we chose for this exhibit are each a great example of the talent that is there. It seems every time we are scrolling on a media site we are stopped by yet another amazing UK artist. 


Theo Bardsley

Theo Bardsley is a young rising figurative painter from London. He paints large scale portraiture, taking inspiration from his own daily life, and of those around him. Theo’s work merges the everyday with the historical, bridging the gap between past and present. Having studied the History of Art at the University of Manchester, Theo draws from a plethora of influences from the art historical canon. Theo’s layering approach to the canvas allows textures to build up, slowly a narrative comes to life, sometimes simple compositions of encounters at the pub, tied in with nods to historical events and figures. In turn the viewer can associate the paintings with a certain point in their own life, and by doing so Theo hopes transport them back to that moment.


Natalie Savage

Natalie Savage is a contemporary artist based in Hackney, working predominantly still life to elevate and celebrate the everyday items that form the bedrock of our lives.

Taking objects that can be found on kitchen counters, in markets or on coffee tables and placing them centre stage, her work is inspired by good food, friends and the tables around which we enjoy these things. Filled with bold colour and playfulness, her unmistakable style brings a sense of happiness and fun wherever her paintings appear.

David Horgan

David is a self taught, London based painter interested in story telling and social commentary. David conveys narratives drawn from his own personal experience and every day encounters intermingled with popular culture and iconography. These predominantly figurative scenes are expressed through a fast paced, raw and emotive style all suffused with a healthy dose of humour.

Grace Tobin

Born (1993) in London, Grace Tobin grew up in New York City before earning her BA in Visual Arts with Honours in 2016 from Oberlin College. Although primarily working with paint, Grace also experiments with printmaking and mixed media. She has exhibited work in both the US and the UK. Grace is currently completing her MA in Painting at the Royal College of Art in London.


Cathy Tabbakh

Cathy Tabbakh is a French painter of Armenian descent working and living in the UK. She paints with a passion for the mesmerising power of colour. She has exhibited in various galleries in Europe, UK, USA and Australia and recently in Seoul, Korea. She holds degrees in Fashion Textile, Design and Fine Art (2011) and Art History and Archaeology (2017) both in Lyon. Tabbakh’s work can be found in private collections worldwide and since 2021 as part of the Soho House Collection displayed in 3 houses, with 2 paintings commissioned an displayed in Soho House Paris (2021), a commissioned floral ceramic sculpture displayed in Brighton Beach House (2022) and a diptych in High Road London in Chiswick (2023).


Jonjo Elliot

Jonjo Elliott works from a studio next to his house in Leicestershire and graduated with a BA in fine art from De Montfort University. His vividly coloured paintings convey feelings of happiness and positivity inspired by his travels and memories. His art sits in private collections around the globe and has been featured in major Netflix shows. His international exhibitions have included room sized artworks which can be walked into and rideable skateparks built inside the gallery.

Jacob Harris (Atlantic Drift)

In our beloved skateboarding world, the UK scene has been pushing hard since the early 90s. Some of their own skate brands have become global with massive followings that even rivals NYC’s renowned brand Supreme. Today, one filmmaker has stood out from the rest. Jacob Harris has been making skate videos for the past 15 years. Most recently his series for Thrasher Magazine “Atlantic Drift” has become a fan favorite. His video style is immediately recognizable and consistent in form. In his early days it was about showcasing his talented friends, but since, it has become a cultural depiction that transcends the art form of skateboarding. His videos without sounding daft are one of the most genuine UK things out there today. We are super proud to be exhibiting his videos in this “British Invasion” exhibition. 

Yool Kim “Play Factory”

October 14th – November 18th, 2023

Court Tree Collective is proud to present "Play Factory" by South Korean artist Yool Kim (김율). Yool Kim has participated in many of Court Tree’s exhibitions, and this is the first solo show for this up-and-coming Seoul-based contemporary artist.

“Play Factory” is composed of eight acrylic paintings that confront the inner-self through themes of love, loyalty, and playfulness. Thick strokes of acrylic paint coat her canvases, demonstrating the artist's desire to soothe her emotional state of personal acceptance and convey the diverse perspectives she encounters and is compelled to express. In her paintings, contemporary symbols are more than pop-culture references and serve as recognizable tools to assist in conveying her beliefs.


Interview On “Play Factory” by Yool Kim

October 14th – November 18th, 2023

Court Tree Collective is proud to present "Play Factory" by South Korean artist Yool Kim (김율). Yool Kim has participated in many of Court Tree’s exhibitions, and this is the first solo show for this up-and-coming Seoul-based contemporary artist.

“Play Factory” is comprised of eight acrylic paintings that confront the inner-self through themes of love, loyalty, and playfulness. Thick strokes of acrylic paint coat her canvases, demonstrating the artist's desire to soothe her emotional state of personal acceptance and convey the diverse persepctives she encounters and is compelled to express. In her paintings, contemporary symbols are more than pop-culture references and serve as recognizable tools to assist in conveying her beliefs.

Keep reading below for an exclusive inteview (in both English and Korean) with Yool Kim on her upcoming exhibit and more:

Your works are constantly evolving and your style has gone through so many changes. What inspires these shifts in style and when do you know it’s time to paint something new?

I wanted to express my emotional state and the various aspects of myself through the small changes in my paintings. Among these changes, when I want to express the relationship between myself and others, it seems to develop into a different style of art.

저의 감정상태, 그리고 제 안에 여러 가지의 모습들을 표현하고 싶은 갈망에 조금씩 그림의 변화가 있습니다. 그 중에서도 저와 사람들간의 꽌계에 대한 고찰을 표현하고 싶을 때 또 다른 그림체로 변화하는거 같아요.

In your upcoming solo-exhibit, there is such care and an acute attention to detail when it comes to shoes in your paintings. Where does this interest in shoes stem from? What are your favorite pairs of shoes to paint and/or wear?

The symbolism behind shoes is that it is a tool that helps me to stand on my two feet in a harsh world and is a medium that protects me while also allowing me to grow without losing my true self. Among the many shoes, I personally like Vans and Nike the most. Van’s slogan is “Off the wall”. This phrase, which implies “unique”, respects freedom and individuality; these are two characteristics that are important when I view others, and are important values that acknowledge the differences in relationships between people. The reason I chose Nike is to encourage growth in this harsh world. The rough texture, the raised tail of the Nike swoosh is symbolic of growing in the wild world. For these reasons, I paint Vans and Nike shoes.

신발이 상징하는 의미는 거친 세상에서 내가 두발로 설수 있게 도와주는 도구이며 나를 지킬 수 있고 내 본모습을 잃지 않고 성장하게 만드는 매개체입니다. 많은 신발 중에서도 저는 반스와 나이키를 가장 좋아합니다. 반스의 슬로건은 "Off the wall"입니다. "독특한"을 의미하는 이 문구는 자유와 개성을 존중한다는 의미며 제가 다른 사람들을 볼 때 중요한 부분이고, 사람들 사이의 관계의 차이를 인정하는 중요한 가치입니다. 나이키를 선택한 이유는 거친 세상에서 계속 성장하기 위해서입니다. 거친 질감, 꼬리가 올라간 나이키의 상징인 야생의 세계는 계속 성장하라는 의미입니다. 이런 의미들로 인해 제가 반스와 나이키를 그리는 이유입니다.

Many of your figures exhibit multiple faces or overlap each other. Is this a stylistic choice and/or is there a deeper meaning behind this? Are these figures characters from your imagination or is there also a sliver of self-representation in them?

Two eyes, one mouth, and one nose fall short of being able to see the people you love and feel the world; and to be free of the world’s set standards, you express it with three eyes, two noses, and two mouths. I think it’s not enough to see the people you love with only two eyes, and when gazing at other people, various thoughts come to mind. In this way, I want to make a sound and acknowledge diversity, and so that is why I draw overlapping bodies. 

두 눈과 하나의 입과 코는 사랑하는 사람들을 보고 세상을 느끼기에 부족하고, 세상이 정해놓은 기준에서 벗어 나고 싶기에 3개의 눈과 2개의 코와 입으로 표현합니다. 사랑하는 사람을 두눈으로 보기에 부족하다는 생각, 타인을 바라보면서 다양한 생각들이 떠오르는 것, 이렇 듯 다양성을 인정하고 소리내고 싶어 중첩된 신체분위를 그리게 됩니다.

When viewers look at your pieces for your upcoming show, what do you hope they will feel and remember? What kind of impression do you want your paintings to have on them?

This series is about love, playfulness, and protecting someone you love. Sweet foods and flowers are used as symbols to express wanting to give everything to a loved one, as well as a promise to always be by his or her side. I hope that many people will be grateful and happy to be with their loved ones when viewing my paintings.

이번 시리즈는 사랑과 장난스러움, 그리고 사랑하는 사람을 지켜주고자 하는 의미를 가지고 있습니다. 사랑하는 사람에게 내 전부를 주고 싶은 사랑의 도구로 달콤한 음식과 꽃으로 표현했으며 항상 옆에서 지켜주겠다는 약속의 의미로 표현되고 있습니다. 많은 사람들이 제 그림을 보면서 사랑하는 사람들을 떠오르며 함께함을 감사히 여기고 행복감을 느끼길 바랍니다.

Your artist signature that you so creatively place in your paintings is fascinating: it is composed of your name ‘KIM YOOL (김율)’ in both English and Korean. How did this signature develop?

While thinking how my signature could represent my diversity, I thought of my roots, Hangul, and the language of the world, English, and combined the two. In addition, the Korean name “Yul” is composed of both consonants and vowels, which hints to my various states of being.

저의 다양성을 나타낼수 있는 사인을 생각하는 도중에 저의 뿌리인 한글과 세계의 언어인 영어를 생각하게 되어 함께 조합하게 되었습니다. 또한 “율”의 한글 이름을 자음과 모음으로 나눠 표기하여 저의 각기 다른 존재들을 함축시키는 의미를 담고 있습니다.

Last great piece of media (book/show/music/movie)?

I recently listened to the songs from the musical Rebecca, and as soon as I heard them, I got shivers all over my body and burst into tears. It was as if sound was coming from all over my body through a single voice, and it was a combination of anger, longing, and frustration; it was the first time I was overwhelmed with these different emotions while listening to music. Maybe these emotions will be reflected in my next work.

최근 뮤지컬 레베카 노래를 들었는데, 듣자 마자 온모에 소름과 함께 울음이 터저 나왔어요, 목소리라는 하나의 통로로 온몸에서 소리들이 뿜어 나오는거 같았습니다, 그 소리는 울분과 그리움 그리고 분노가 함께 뒤섞여 있었는데 음악들 들으며 이런 여러 감정에 휩싸인건 처음이었습니다. 아마 다음 제 작업에서는 이 음악이 반영이 될지도 모르겠네요.

Click Here ︎ to see Yool’s work.
Yool’s Instagram: @yool___kim

Interview and Translation by Tiffany Kang.

“HELLO” Craigie Harper

December 12th – February 4th, 2024

We are pleased to present Scottish artist Craigie Harper to our new INTRO wall in the gallery. This is the first time Craigie has exhibited his work in the States. We are proud to be the first.

This small collection is only scratching the surface of Kilmarning the fictional village Craigie has created. His paintings are often accompanied by short stories he wrote. These scenes depict the normality of a small Scottish town, but with humorist twists that are sometimes surreal. His paintings are exquisite and brilliant in color and design. Making the most out of every corner of the canvas or paper. Perhaps most interesting is sometimes these stories grab small truths from reality. This is only the beginning of what Kilmarning can be.

Come through, we will be running this INTRO exhibition through January 2024.


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