Cathy Tabbakh

Cathy Tabbakh is a French contemporary artist working in the UK. Her colourful work collides imaginary forms with existing landscapes through the use of architectural and botanical elements. She holds degrees in Fashion Textile and Fine Art and Art History and Archaeology - both in Lyon, France her native city. Cathy’s bathroom series and still-lifes show her desire to surround herself with gree spaces combined with her love for interior design. Since lockdown, she has been focusing on still lifes and the shadows they create, working on the simplicity of a composition based on light, introducing a link with time itself within the painted scene. Tabbakh mainly uses pots, vases, plants and surreal objects from her home - lockdown pushed her to simply look around and find inspiration in the everyday objects that can easily be forgotten. Recently, she introduced ceramics into her practice, reflecting the style of her still-lifes compositions whilst aslo making her own frames. She works with international art advisors and curators and exhibits regularly. Some highlights include several shows with Delphian Gallery since 2019, San Mei Gallery, The Every Woman Biennal, Maison Contemporain and more, mostly in the UK and Europe. In 2022, Cathy will also be showing for the first time in the USA, Australia and Belgium.

Most recently, the artist was commissioned by Soho House to produce two works to be included in their permanent collection and displayed in their brand new Paris location.

Summer Freestyle
British Invasion



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