Tetotutito is a Japanese contemporary ceramics artist who creates pieces that tell herstories. Each work acts as a recorded message. Her daily emotions are transmittedand preserved in the clay.

“I feel the river around me. The water, like time, passes over me, and I am left alone inthe river. The flow is too fast for me. I feel uneasy, but I endure it. The water passing infront of me is the future, but before I know it, turns into the far away past.”

Her work is not all perfect, or beautiful, or lovely, but there is a melancholy in her artthat pulls at you. It compels you to come closer and hold it in your hands. There is ahint of sorrow that we all carry. The emotions and stories depicted here echo your own.That is her art.

Tetotutito lives in Kamakura along the Shonan coastline of Kanagawa prefecture.※tetotutito means “Hand and Soil” in Japanese.

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