Out of Line


Jade Chan


oil on canvas

22x16 in, 2019

Joanne Ungar

10 Botox Boxes #1863

wax and painted cardboard on wood

19x35 in, 2018

Alicia Piller

Spirit of the Present 

Latex balloons, resin, digital prints on recycled paper,
gel medium, leather, porcupine quills, plastic, beads, metal, and string

11.5 x 10.5x 7.5 in, 2019

Jade Chan


oil on canvas

16x22 in ,2020

Joanne Ungar

Botox #1862

wax and pigment print on wood,

37x54 in, 2018

Judi Tavill 


fired clay, paint, graphite, graphite and mica powder, acrylic medium, wire, epoxy, varnish,

25.5 x 20 x 20 in, 2021

Holly Wong

Keeper of the Secrets 2

painted collage mounted on wood panel

30x30 in, 2022

Alicia Piller

Petals fall,  Seasons change 

vinyl, laser prints (Button bush plant, Cahokia Mounds), metal, wood veneer, pine wood, gel medium

38.5 x 13.5 x 3.5 in, 2021

Judi Tavill


fired clay, paint, graphite, graphite  powder, acrylic medium, , varnish,

38x18 x18 in, 2022

Holly Wong

Keeper of the Secrets 1

painted collage mounted on wood panel

 48 x 48 in, 2022

Alicia Piller

Reconfigurations 4 

Sycamore seeds, rubber, vinyl, leather, latex balloons,
and resin,

12 x 11 x 8 in, 2019

Court Tree Collective was established in 2013 by a group of artists and creatives with the primary purpose of representing and supporting the work of emerging and established contemporary artists. Since its opening Court Tree Collective has been a staple to south Brooklyn’s emerging art scene and in a short time has exhibited a number of important exhibitions. In addition they have curated a number of exhibitions at satellite locations throughout the states and abroad.︎



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