Heads by Orazio de Gennaro

March 9th – March 30th, 2019
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StatementOrazio’s ancestral land - the land he grew up on - has always been the source for his work. His Heads, dating from 2004-2008, reflect both his training as a sculptor as well as his ongoing use of and commitment to unconventional handmade, tactile materials.
Press ReleaseThis series is inspired by ancient Roman mosaics of the heads of boxers and fighters and mos importantly by the archaic stone carved heads of Gargano in Puglia dating from the 10th
century BC.

His technique references the “feeling” of fresco. He uses an earth palette which includes handmade lime paint, pigments, graphite and shellac. The creation of these materials in the studio is an essential component of his process, allowing for a certain immediacy in his work.

Orazio is an instinctual artist, a painter of sculptural forms in which whole worlds exist. The head here is not literal, but archetypal; a simplification of form. It becomes a kind of container for vast terrains of color, gesture and markings in which we also discover subtle passages of great beauty leading us inward. His language is multi dimensional - a landscape, a dreamscape, a mindscape, making the work at once monumental and intimate, archaic and contemporary.
-Linda Marchisotto

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