Taste Makers a Food Art Exhibit

Taste Makers a Food Art Exhibit

Court Tree Collective presents Taste Makers a Food Art Exhibit.

Sept 3 – Oct 3, 2015

September marks Court Tree Collective’s 2nd Anniversary and it reminds us of our beginnings. A simple passion for art & food. In celebration of this, Court Tree is kicking off this fall with an art and food exhibit. Taste Makers will feature artists who have depicted food in their artworks, some with strong messages about our responsibility towards food, others with visuals of how food relates to our senses. At the opening reception we will also have an array of different foods from chefs that we love and work with. Please bring an appetite visually and in your stomach.

Come celebrate with us as we continue to bring unique art and food events to Carroll Gardens.

Artist: Txelo, Anna and Naomi Otsu from We8that, SCUBA, Chris Leung, Hollow Brooklyn, Alex Cascone, Ben Garthus, Luisa Brimble, Pauline de Roussy de Sales, John Bulmer, Sze Ngra.

Sponsors: Arthur Street Kitchen, The Art of Pho, Red Star Sandwich Shop, A Cheesemonger’s Daughter.


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