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The stew called Fante-Fante is a “coastal gem” that traces its roots to the Fante people of Ghana. It is made by cooking fresh fish in a tomato stew with palm oil and simmered into a delicious dish that’s capable of changing one’s mood to pure joy. Cape Coast, a coastal city and the capital of the Central Region of Ghana, is believed to be where the stew gained its popularity before spreading far and wide throughout the country. It’s a fisherman’s dish that is simple, a crowd-puller and made either on canoes by fishermen using some of their fresh catch or right upon returning to land to enjoy with families. Many years later, another variation has joined the Fante-Fante league. In this alternate version, the fish is partially grilled for a few seconds to help keep the fish from disintegrating in the stew. Nevertheless, the original version always wears the crown. Whiting and Longfin Herring were early on used for Fante-Fante. These days, Red snapper and Tilapia are often used in the dish too, as well as other fishes of choice.

In this class, we shall learn to make this simple delicious stew laden with fresh fish and paired with West African Yams.

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