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Ghana Stew

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*Class will conclude by sitting down to enjoy these great dishes. Beverages are included.

Kontomire Stew/Palava Sauce/Spinach Stew – A Stew Powerhouse Family Kontomire (pronounced con-tor-me-ray) is the Ghanaian name for the leaves of the Cocoyam plant, a member of the Taro plant family. The stew is a simple and wholesome go to recipe among farm communities that cultivate root crops in Ghana. The main ingredient of the stew is Kontomire, and it pairs well with boiled Cocoyam or the root from the same plant. Traditionally, the leaves are the only part cooked by steaming. As the leaves steam, fresh ground pepper is made from a combination of Scot bonnets, onions, tomatoes and salt in a clay-grinding bowl. The steamed Kontomire is added right off the fire into the pepper mixture and ground to a desired texture. It’s immediately drizzled with palm oil. The palm oil melts into the warm ground Kontomire and presents a fresh tasty bowl of steamed Kontomire as everyone partakes in this delicious communal meal.

Overtime, the traditional Kontomire born in the clay-grinding bowl, also known as Abom, evolved and a stew version overtook the original traditional version. Moreover, a second form of the stew called Palava Sauce emerged. When the seeds of a Squash variety found in West Africa called Agushi are added to the Kontomire during cooking, it becomes Palava Sauce. Today, whether enjoying Kontomire Stew or Palava Sauce, it can be made with any mix varieties of meats including beef, tripe, smoked fish or shrimp, salted tilapia as well as boiled eggs or vegetarian. The stew is popularly enjoyed with boiled Cocoyam, West African Yam, Sweet Potato, Plantain and Cassava. Since Kontomire or Taro leaves are not easily found in all parts of the world, Spinach leaves are usually used as a substitute. As a stew powerhouse that’s loaded with nutrients from the Kontomire, it’s always a good rule of thumb to use fresh leaves whether going in for the original version or the stew versions. It’s time to experience the power of this stew powerhouse!


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