Pop Up Photography Group Show – Opens November 20th

Pop Up Photography Group Show – Opens November 20th

Court Tree Collective proudly presents Eye to Eye, a group exhibition of photography by Jovana ReljicIan ReidMaxim Mjödov and Stephen Lipuma. Through a shared affinity towards the public space as a site for moments of intimacy, these four photographers from Russia, United States and Serbia present a collective sensibility, a collective eye. Although originating from different parts of the globe the similarities in their work are uncanny.

Curated by Court Tree Collective co-founder and photographer Stephen Lipuma, the show was mostly composed by daily viewings of the creative resource Behance. Unintentional at first, Lipuma began to notice other photographers’ work to share very similar projects. It first started with the work of Maxim Mjödov which Lipuma found during his weekly viewings of the Behance updates. The similarities between Mjödov and Lipuma’s  work opened up the notion that artists from around the world shoot similar subjects or scenes without having met each other or known about each other’s projects before hand. Next, it was the discovery of a single image that Ian Reid photographed in St. Maarten. In both Lipuma and Reid’s photographs a plane comes in for a landing over a vacation beach setting a stage for humor and irony when viewing these two photographs concurrently. Moreover, it added to the idea that an artistic collective consciousness exists; and this show is about just that.

EPSON scanner image

Maxim Mjödov, Red Square pose, 2012 

Fur Pony Tail

Stephen Lipuma, Head Series, 2012 




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