Linda Marchisotto, From the Book of Dreams

Linda Marchisotto, From the Book of Dreams

Linda Marchisotto: From the Book of Dreams on view until April 25th, 2015

Artist Statement: My work reflects my eclectic interests, studies and pursuits over many years: dreamwork, Jung, depth psychology, mythology, art history, alchemy, astrology,symbols, the power of image, the Tarot, shamanism, archetypes, language, the Ancient Mysteries, the Ancient world, Taoism, the I Ching, the Divine Feminine, ways of seeing, divination, Celtic spirituality and the land, quantum physics, poetry, and a lifelong obsession with and reverence for books.

The selection of the subsequent images arises from the unconscious as I find and create associations between images. The images are mostly fragments of images abstracted from their original context. Meaning comes to light through the juxtaposition of these fragments, which allows for the unfolding of metaphor, symbol and meaning. A narrative arises which can be read as well as felt on many levels. Not every viewer will have the same experience, however, as the images and symbols will mean different things to different people. Mystery is that which cannot be known. It can be felt, but not necessarily put into words and so the experience of the viewer becomes intuitive.

The collages from the Book of Dreams are diptychs in dialogue with each other as are the boxes. Both of these formats invite intimacy and contemplation as well as entry into sacred time and space. The boxes reference devotional Books of Hours or small altarpieces yet have nothing to do with the religious and everything to do with the universal and archetypal.



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