Yumi’s Ichiju-Sansai Workshop

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Yumi’s Ichiju-Sansai Workshop

December 9, 2018 @ 11:30 am - 1:30 pm

In Japan, it is said that to have a balanced meal you need an ichijusansai meal: ichi means ‘one’, ju means ‘soup’, san means ‘three’, and sai means ‘dishes’. … With rice and pickled vegetables always included, they aren’t mentioned when we speak of ichijusansai.
One reason why ichiju-sansai is so beloved by Japanese people is how healthy it is. This set menu allows people to eat rice for energy-giving carbohydrates and soup for hydration, while the nutrition of the accompanying dishes balances everything out. Through the many nutritious substances mixing in the stomach, your digestion and ingestion improve, which has the effect of letting you discharge excess fat, sugar and salt. That’s why it’s so healthy for you!
In this 2-hour hands-on workshop to Japanese home cooking, you will learn how to prepare a delicious Japanese set meal based off of the Ichiju-Sansai concept in your own kitchen. You will also learn how to source the best ingredients locally and how to work with the sweet and savory ingredients such as konbu, miso, soy sauce, mirin, bonito flakes that infuse unique umami flavor. We will also discuss the various uses of Dashi – a simple and savory Japanese soup stock as the backbone of Japanese cooking, as well as other essential ingredients in a Japanese pantry. You will be able to sit down and enjoy the fruits of your labor. You will most certainly walk away finding your kitchen a more inspiring place!
We will create the following delicious dishes to share:
Rice – a bowl of Japanese short grain steamed rice.
Soup – a bowl miso soup with wakame and tofu served in a traditional dashi broth.
Main dish – Miso chicken.
Sides –  Dashimaki Tamago (Japanese Rolled Omelette) & Sunomono (cucumber salad with wakame).
Pickled Vegetables – a small plate of pickled seasonal vegetables.

What to bring: A pen to take notes and an apron, if you like.

You will gain a basic understanding of:
  • Principles of what makes Japanese food tasty: Umami.

  • An overview of how to use the sweet and savory ingredients.

  • An introduction into breaking down all the basics from making your own dashi broth to cooking Japanese rice properly.

  • Tips on applying Dashi broth principles to any type of dish.

  • Resources to support you in accessing optimal food choices in the grocery store or at restaurants.

Please let us know if you have any food allergies in advance by replying to your confirmation email. We do use sesame in this class. Not gluten-free.


As a child growing up near Tokyo with my sisters I am proud to say that our first playground was our family seaweed factory.  The smell of the ocean and the multitude of seaweed was everywhere.  We would run around playing and grab a handful of seaweed to snack on.  Even as children we all loved the smooth silky texture of seaweed.  It is the best childhood snack I can remember.

Over the years as we grew up in this environment our appreciation of seaweed developed as well. When we were little, our family brand of seaweed was used and served in our school cafeteria lunches.  We were so proud to tell our friends about seaweed’s amazing health benefits. Seaweed is a true gift from nature because it’s loaded with vitamins and minerals.

Our father Yoshio Komatsudaira is humble about his success in founding this seaweed empire.  He spent his first 18 years near the Pacific Coast of Sanriku in Iwate.  Just like father, during our summer vacations, he sent us to his hometown where we learned about different types of seaweed, the ocean creatures and just had so much fun at the beach. Throughout our lives the seaweed tradition became part of our family energy. Today we passionately continue his vision by bringing these healthy products to the market. Check out our recipes and tips so you can integrate these healthy seaweed products into your diet.

Everyone in the family believes in our seaweed products that are supervised and cleaned with the utmost care and attention to quality.  We are pleased to be a family company since 1960 bringing the finest packaged seaweed to your table.  It is like being part of one big global family.


December 9, 2018
11:30 am - 1:30 pm
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