EunHye Kang Spatial Space Opening

EunHye Kang Spatial Space Opening

Please check out her video here!

Opening: June 7th, 2014  @ 6pm – 9pm
Ends: July 3, 2014






JUNE 7 –  JULY 3, 2014






 THE REALFORM PROJECT is proud to present its inaugural solo project. Through an open call for artist submissions and a rigorous selection process involving series founder David Gibson and venue directors of Court Tree Collective, we arrived at the winning submission by a brilliant young Korean artist name EunHye Kang.

Kang works with spaces. Kang is searching to build a language of spatial expression that will equal her love of the Korean alphabet, which is characterized by a structure involving three symbols to build one complex utterance. She works syntactically, manifesting the unseen characteristics of a given space so that we can voice its structural language in a new way. As she states, “In the spaces that gave great inspiration to me, I represented the inspiration as an abstract pattern. My interest in the pattern was moved deeper into the interest in the line, the more that I focused on the “point” comprising the line. As a result, I attempted to create the work starting from the points. While working with space, I began to use the lines as a way to decompose the space. Recently, I am especially focusing on creating negative volume by using the achromatic lines, representing the space by division and proportion, and making the shape and contour. The strings give volume, movement, gravity and density. I am curious to imagine the abstract form in the empty space and actually do it in the space. I am trying to make a live op-art installation in the space with strings and build my imagination in the space.”

 There is a cerebral quality to Kang’s installations that possesses the visitor, who can be no mere viewer. We enter a space re-imagined by Kang and it’s as if we are caught in a dream from which it seems impossible to wake. The forms she creates speak to us, they have structure, and they fill space, but they do so without seeming to have apparent mass. It’s as if she were presenting us with the very workings of her brain, and saying ‘here, look, what is real, and what is an illusion?’ 

EunHye Kang is the Korean-born installation artist living and working in Brooklyn, New York. Kang recently graduated with a MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art in 2013. Kang received her BFA from Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) in 2010 and her BS received from Seoul Women’s University in Seoul, South Korea in 2006. Kang creates marvelous geometric installation in architectural spaces. She uses lines as a way to decompose the space. Also, she tries to create negative volume by using achromatic lines. With concepts of division and proportion, she aims to represent abstract shape and contour in the spaces. Kang is currently involved as a recent graduate resident and studio member at the Brooklyn Art Space, Brooklyn, New York. 


Court Tree assistant Jeremy Nakamura with EunHye Kang.


Court Tree Collective founders, Stephen Lipuma and Amy Ng with curator David Gibson and EunHye Kang.

Here are some pictures from EunHye Kang’s Spatial Space installation. Photographs do not do the installation justice. It’s really quite beautiful. The show runs until July 11th, 2014. Come stop by and check it out. Curated by David Gibson and Court Tree Collective. (Photos by KangHoon Lee.) IMG_3831 IMG_3841 IMG_3889 IMG_4013 IMG_4038 IMG_4178

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