private dinner party ad_for web&mail-01In a city of countless dining options, there is still something very special about enjoying wonderful home­cooked food within an intimate, neighborhood setting. With this in mind, Court Tree is proud to offer a unique private dining room in the heart of brownstone Brooklyn, Carroll Gardens. Here, you are invited to create your own food event – from a dinner party with friends, to a cooking class with family, a holiday party with workmates, or even a brunch with local friends.

Court Tree is a truly unique venue, providing a community space where great food can be discovered and shared. Established in 2014 by locals Stephen Lipuma and Amy Ng, Court Tree is at the fore of discovering new food talent in the community. For many years, they have unearthed gifted home cooks and introduced their brave new flavors to the community. From the punchy flavors of Ghanaian food, to meatball making, the art of Ukranian pierogies, Hong Kong style noodles, vegetable­laden salad feasting and much more, Court Tree can help connect you with cooks who can bring a tasty edge to your next food event. If you are looking for a warm, friendly, relaxed setting for a simple dinner or brunch with family and friends, Court Tree provides a fully functional kitchen where you can create your own meals – be your own chef, bring along a foodie friend or let Court Tree connect you with one of their favorite local chefs.

Located upstairs at 371 Court Street, Carroll Gardens, Court Tree’s kitchen is equipped with plates, supplies, cutlery and induction table top cookers for cooking demonstrations. A/V equipment for presentations and movie screenings are also available.

Court Tree – where local people meet for local food.

How can I book an event or host a class?

You can email us at or call us 718.422.7806. We offer affordable rates which include full use of our kitchen and kitchen supplies. In addition, we can provide a number of different set ups. Either for a class, dinner party or even a tasting. Chef’s choice! Perfect for anyone looking to share their recipes.

Do you know that Court Tree Collective has hosted and produced a number of cooking classes and cooking events?

Over the past year we have had a variety of chefs and cooking related classes coming through our doors. Each unique in their approach, concept and support.

What kind of cooking events have you hosted?

We have had a variety chefs and cooking events pass through our doors. Below is a list of just some of the people and groups that have held events with us.

Yana Gilbuena from The Salo Project, who kicked off her 50 states/50 meals project at our space. She also worked closely with Eat Feastly on this project.

Charles Cann from Tropical Ghana who has become a chef we now consider our own. In the sense that he is a close friend and part of our collective. Charles also wrote a cook book.

Chitra from ABCD’s of Cooking and Brooklyn Delhi also has done events with us. Chitra and her husband Ben who co founded Brooklyn Delhi earlier this year.

Diana Kuan from Appetite for China who teaches a number of classes in NYC also wrote her own cook book.

This summer we had a theater group called Witches Dinner who did their own version of MacBeth accompanied with a dinner.

We also had Jesse and Laura from United Noshes do multiple meals with us. United Noshes has taken on cooking a meal from every single country in the UN for charity. They recently moved to Portland, but continue to cook. As of today they have cooked 83 meals with 111 to go. All for the World Food Program USA.

We even had one of our artist Orazio De Gennaro who was rumored to be an amazing home chef do a demonstration for us the week before his opening. Which turned out to be a lot of fun and true, he is an amazing cook.

What inspired you to make cooking apart of Court Tree Collective?

Our mission will always be to bring more art and cultural events to Carroll Gardens. I can’t think of anything more fitting then bringing food events to Court Tree to do that. Each chef brings their story and journey, we are so happy to be able to offer a place to create and continue these stories. Food itself inspires us, it sets a common ground for everyone to connect and enjoy the art from these chefs at Court Tree.  Also friends and colleagues inspire us. Everyone has a friend that is an amazing cook. Although he or she is not a trained chef. These are the types of people that have come to cook in our space. Now that I think about it most of the chefs I listed are self taught chefs (usually cooking recipes passed down from family). However, their love for food and cooking has become their art and passion. We all share the love for foodie culture, so we have always encouraged and welcomed these kind of events. So anyone can give a class with us and anyone can host a dinner party with us. Most recently, Kar Yee a member of our collective turned the gallery into a Hong Kong Noodle Shop. She made three different types of noodle soups. The turn out was astounding. 143 bowls of noodles were made in just 5 hours. It was quite the experience, but a testament to anyone that believes in their food. 

Our mission statement: Court Tree Collective is a group of artists with a shared aim of bringing art and cultural events to the Carroll Gardens neighborhood of Brooklyn. Unique events include gallery programs and workshops, art classes and cooking demonstrations.


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